Certified Medical Assistant - Adult Outpatient Services

Pittsfield, MA

General Description

This position is responsible for managing calls for medical staff members, scheduling client appointments, managing medical charts and related information and assists with providing general front-desk support.

Essential Job Functions

  • Telephone
  • Screen incoming phone calls for medical staff members.
  • Return phone calls to clients who have left messages for medical staff members. (It is expected that every effort will be made to make these return phone calls on the same day they are received.)

Scheduling & Appointments

  • Schedule medical staff member appointments according to the scheduling policy.  This includes the scheduling of any client service transactions, meetings and time off when applicable.
  • Medical assistants may serve as a back-up for reminder calls. .
  • Daily monitoring of next day’s schedule for accuracy
  • Run daily MassPatt reports for medical staff


  • Pull charts in circumstances where the medical staff member specifically requests the chart.  Regular chart retrieval is the responsibility of the designated support staff person at site.

 Information Management

  • Obtain laboratory information at the requests of a medical staff
  • Complete prior authorization documents  with assistance from RNs as needed
  • Enter Roger’s Orders information into the information system.
  • Obtain lab results for urine tox screens
  • Complete both urine and oral swab tox screen collections

 Assistance to Clients

  • Assist medical staff member and clients with referrals to other agencies for additional support services when appropriate.
  • Contact insurance companies, when applicable, to secure any necessary authorization related paperwork.    Intake Coordinators are responsible for securing authorizations for clients who are seeing a medical staff member for the first time.  Clinicians are responsible for securing authorizations for clients they are referring to a medical staff member.
  • Complete PT1 forms

 Prescription Related Duties

  • Distribute prescriptions that have been authorized for pick-up Assist patients with medication questions, renewals and prior authorizations


Other Responsibilities

  • Provide coverage for other medical assistants when required.
  • Provide coverage for other front desk personnel only when absolutely necessary.
  • Serve as initial contact with drug company representatives.

 Medical Services

  • Monitor vitals per request


  • Certified medical assistant
  • GED, High School Diploma, or Associates degree
  • 1-2 years of prior experience working in a medical office


  • High regard for professionalism and confidentiality
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Ability to deal with a wide variety of people and personalities
  • Ability to multi-task and manage projects simultaneously with a high regard for detail and accuracy
  • Ability to manage multiple phone lines
  • Proficient computer skills and ability to enter information timely and accurately