Assistant Program Director - ACCS Pittsfield

Pittsfield, MA

General Description

To assist Persons  in the ACCS program  to live as independently as possible in a safe and dignified environment of their choice.  The Assistant Program Director must provide clinical oversight of the ACCS Integrated Teams and GLEs  and ensure Person safety.  This management level position involves intra and inter agency staff, staff supervision and administrative duties as assigned for other teams.

Essential Job Functions

Clinical Administrative Functions:

  • Provide direct supervision to Site Leaders and LPHA(s)/Substance Abuse Counselor(s) as required.
  • Provide indirect supervision to Program Coordinators, Housing Specialists, and Direct Care Staff members
  • Participate in Clinical on-call rotation
  • Work in collaboration with DMH and the Care Coordination Entity
  • Develop, plan and facilitate trainings
  • Oversee risk management development and implementation
  • Assess transition of care  readiness
  • Develop and implement risk plans in collaboration with the LPHA team
  • Complete screening assessments, comprehensive assessments, and Treatment Plan when indicated
  • Respond to all emergency situations, document incident reports and communicate with DMH and area providers
  • Ensure staff is trained and utilize Evidenced Based Practices
  • Ensure MAP compliance, monitor MAP audit process and serve as a MAP Trainer (R.N.)
  • Report any incidents regarding accidents, injury or medication errors
  • Ensure all sites are in compliance with DMH regulations 

Administrative Responsibilities:


  • Schedule and assign staff work
  • Oversee facilities operations
  • Oversee household expenses
  • Ensure compliance with licensing regulations
  • Oversees staffing changes
  • Coordinate scheduling through ACCS team and within community support
  • Assume county wide function, i.e., training, scheduling, facilities management, Human Rights, licensing and/or substance abuse services
  • Participate in all relevant staff meetings and treatment team meetings
  • Participate in regularly scheduled supervision
  • Participate in all required DMH/Agency trainings
  • Develop and maintain relationship with community resources, which support consumer integration


  • Serve on interagency committees
  • Represent agency at intra-agency meetings
  • Maintain work environment, reporting any hazards to Division Director
  • Communicate with the client’s family and personal network
  • Other duties as assigned by supervisor


  • MA degree in license eligible field
  • Licensed  R.N. O.T. ,LICSW, LCSW, LMHC in MA required
  • 2 years supervisory experience preferred


  • Ability to write clear and concise reports incorporating observations of Persons behavior
  • Experience in care coordination
  • Ability to objectively advocate for Persons needs
  • Leadership skills required delegating responsibilities to other employees and overseeing assignments
  • Ability to make independent decisions
  • Demonstrate an ability to work with Persons who require intense levels of supervision
  • Excellent oral & presentation skills
  • Leadership talent and the ability to delegate effectively